Asterisk – Vulnerability allow remote authenticated user can cause the target service to crash.

Advisory IDRSN-SIP-1598


Vulnerability Information


An issue was discovered in Asterisk through 13.19.1, 14.x through 14.7.5, and 15.x through 15.2.1, and Certified Asterisk through 13.18-cert2. res_pjsip allows remote authenticated users to crash Asterisk (segmentation fault) by sending a number of SIP INVITE messages on a TCP or TLS connection and then suddenly closing the connection.

Release Date

2018-02-25 00:00:00


Technical Information


A crash occurs when a number of authenticated INVITE messages are sent over TCP or TLS and then the connection is suddenly closed. This issue leads to a segmentation fault.  For more information on the affected versions, CVE-2018-7286 was assigned for this bug.




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